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  1. Because I wrote about my life of overcoming (and thriving) I won a scholarship and am a sophomore at age 67 in the mental health field. Because of what happened to me in a church ( I haven’t been able to attend any church for the past 10 years. Because i got a divorce after 31 years of abuse (and let the x live in my house for awhile after the divorce); I was put thru an 18 month nightmare. Called to a meeting of deacons (not allowed to have a woman with me) and asked:”Are you still having sex with your x?) On my birthday my name was put up on a screen 3 times, followed by the words:”Conduct Unbecoming a Child of God.”

    Even tho I processed and “got over” a childhood of abuse, poverty, molestation, fatherlessness and then an abusive marriage, I cannot heal from the spiritual abuse; it is a wound which goes all the way into the soul.

    Another question is how can God allow babies and children to be raped and molested? I understand adults suffering, but not babies and children; they have no resources or any power over their lives. I am the moderator of an abused survivors’ group. Perhaps you could respond via e-mail to me as I am not too techie. Thanks, Alice, Overcomer, wounded healer

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